CandyTang Beauty Academy

**Discover Natural Beauty with the Skin Care Course at Candy Tang Beauty Academy!**
Have you ever wished for healthy, radiant, and confident skin? Join us for the skin care course at Candy Tang Beauty Academy on September 18th and 19th!
**Why should you attend?**
‍♀️ **Learn from experts:** We’ve gathered top experts in the field of skin care to share essential knowledge and skills.
‍♂️ **Advanced skin care routine:** You’ll learn the daily skin care routine, including cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting your skin from environmental factors.
**Hands-on experience:** We provide hands-on practice on test models so you can apply what you’ve learned.
**Personal consultation:** Receive individualized advice to identify your skin type and the best way to care for it.
**Product introduction:** Explore skin care products tailored to you and how to use them effectively.
**Special gifts and offers:** Early participants will have the chance to receive special offers from us.
**Date:** September 18th and 19th.
**Location:** Candy Tang Beauty Academy.
**Contact us now : 0424 907 979 to register and get more details!**
Don’t miss the opportunity to have fresh, glowing skin. Join the skin care course at Candy Tang Beauty Academy and start your skin care journey today! ‍♀️
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