CandyTang Beauty Academy


Master CandyTang is proud to be a judge of The Nails Beauty 2023 competition. With passion and an artist’s spirit, she will seek out the most creative, unique, and impressive nail artworks to honor the talents of the participants. Rest assured that his choices will bring delightful and exciting emotions to both the audience and the contestants.


Master CandyTang is present to score the contestants and find the most outstanding candidate in the Nails industry. With a keen eye for detail and artistic flair, she is determined to identify the most talented and skilled artists among the participants. As the judging process unfolds, Master CandyTang will carefully evaluate each nail artistry, looking for creativity, precision, and a touch of uniqueness. The competition promises to be a showcase of talent and innovation, and Master CandyTang is fully prepared to crown the most deserving winner.